Clear explanation of math behind neural networks and training phase with an example

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Recommendation Systems

How to deal with different types of user in recommendation systems

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Probability Distributions

Where do we use the Poisson distribution?

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Probability Distributions

What is the exponential distribution used for?

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Interpretation of covariance in detail

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Multivariate Outliers and Mahalanobis Distance in Python

Evaluation of Classification Model with McNemar Test

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Context API WebSocket middleware for real-time state update

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Understanding relative risk and odds ratio

  • What is risk and relative risk?
  • How to find the relative risk?
  • What are the differences between risk, relative risk, and odds ratio?
  • How to decide which risk measurement we…


Calculation of the Odds Ratio and Applying Fisher’s Test on Python

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Sergen Cansiz

Data Scientist, Statistician, Python and R Developer

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